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Air Pumping Oil Skimmer OS-I

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Product Description

Our OS-1 Oil Skimmer works pneumatically; minimal compressed air is used to push the air-water mixture to pass through a reusable strainer to remove large particles and to flow into the treatment tank; the block plate and buffer are provided in the interceptor to slow the flow speed of oil and water as well as to divert flow direction. Via differential specific gravities of oil and water, oil can be sufficiently separated (purified) out of the water.


1. Power-free, saves electricity and eliminates public safety issues.

2. Consumables-free, eliminates costs for consumables.

3. Portable, very easy installation; can be equipped on a trolley (carrier).

4. Capable of removing impurities such as carbon powder, aluminum powder, etc.

5. Significantly improves oil-water separation efficiency, effectively eliminates germ growth in cutting fluid.

6. Saves waste oil treatment costs for you; also saves cutting fluid replacement cost.

Machine Size 495x257x743 (mm)
Net Weight 36 (kg)
Procesing Flow 30 (L/Minute)
Capacity 33 (L)